KOCKS Rolling Mill

Switzerland has ABB ultra high power DC arc furnace, LF/VD furnace, Danieli Italy Japan RH ladle refining furnace and Consarc vacuum induction furnace, arc continuous casting machine, the German Krupp Italy POMINI short stress line mill, the German KOCKS three roll sizing mill with the international advanced level of the main equipment, equipped with automatic control and the transmission system of the ABB company, GE Foerster, ultrasonic testing, magnetic leakage detection and computer on-line monitoring system.

The new mould casting protection technology (national patent) has been applied to solve the problem of two times oxidation prevention at home and abroad. The continuous casting adopts the comprehensive technology of light pressure and electromagnetic stirring, which makes the pure purity of molten steel higher, the composition, the organization uniform and the performance excellent. Obtaining machine large compression ratio and large reduction, free specifications (with a decimal point) high precision rolling, full specifications of TMCP, 3 ultrasound and magnetic leakage detection lines to ensure the delivery of high standard products with zero defects.

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