The price of large square square tube has set a new high

Author: | Date:2017/6/16 15:31:08 | Sources:
Since 2017, large diameter square tube prices continue to hit new highs, after the Spring Festival of large diameter square tube, the spot price of futures market is greatly jumped, but market analysts told the "Securities Daily" the reporter said, from the demand side, the fundamentals have not changed, for fear of large caliber square tube prices soaring coal prices to repeat the mistakes, so a few parts jointly issued a notice to the market chaos.

According to the data grasped by the reporter, by February 16th, the price of large caliber square tube of various varieties of our country is still rising regardless of the ring ratio. Taking 400*400*10mm as an example, in February 16th this year, the average price of 4044 yuan / ton, rose 7.93%, an increase of 82.75%; the average price in February 16th this year, the domestic 4.75mm hot rolled bar is 3884 yuan / ton, rose is not significant, while an increase of 89.28%; this year in February 16th the average price of the sea in the cold rolled coils for 0.5mm 5045 yuan / ton, in January 16th this year, the average price of 4991 yuan / ton, in February 16th last year, the average price of 3038 yuan / ton, rose 1.08%, rose 66.06%.
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