Wuxi square tube spot price is unchanged from yesterday's price

Author: | Date:2017/6/16 15:31:25 | Sources:
Opened today, Wuxi square tube market prices steady operation. According to the Langer steel cloud business platform monitoring data, 40*40*4 quoted 4160 yuan (ton price / the same), 100*50*6 quoted 4100 yuan, the above price is flat with yesterday.

Today's prices yesterday prices remain unchanged, but the market price is high, not Anxiang shipping phenomenon. Deal: today the screw volume trend of weakness, but the Wuxi square tube factory to raise prices, the outlook for the business is still optimistic, but the rising price of the terminal heights mood increased, turnover continued to shrink today. Steel billet: 60 yuan in Tangshan and Changli in the afternoon, and 3230 yuan of common carbon billet containing tax. The billet is rising again, but the author believes that the cost of resources is too high, the funds are limited, and the site is also less likely to get the goods. Moreover, due to the early arrival, the terminal needs time to digest, and the price is strong in the near future. In view of this, tomorrow is expected to Wuxi square tube market prices will be steady or wait.
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