The square tube is rising and falling, and the demand is not released effectively.

Author: | Date:2017/6/16 15:31:41 | Sources:
In 1 days, the price of the welded square tube in the sea fell slightly, and the seamless square tube rose slightly. According to statistics, Ji'nan, Hefei, hanguan, Beijing, Tangshan and other 7 city fell by 20-90 yuan / ton; seamless rectangular tube, Hefei, Changsha four City rose, rose to 40-100 yuan / ton, other city prices steady.

1 days of welding square tube price rise a small sign of a small fall, the main price reduction area in North China. From the basic point of view, the 1 - day market demand is still available, except for the low temperature in the northeast and northwest regions of the Department, and the demand has not been effectively released. At present, the raw material strip billet prices for several days callback, the market prices of the atmosphere is restrained, 1 heavy pipe factory, Southern China, central China, southwest area is far not affected by the market price information, if tomorrow inherited weakness, south the price will be slightly callback. Seamless pipe, 1 tube prices weak stability, pipe factory specifications department out of stock price was steady wait-and-see, businesses to steady shipments. It is expected that the price of seamless square tube will rise steadily in the next day.

Raw materials

Iron ore: 1 iron ore spot market traders quoted yesterday morning weak stability, price departments yesterday varieties fell 10 yuan; steel, general enquiries, fell even weak contract for the two day of iron, steel and mining goods according to the needs of mentality, mainly, and square pipe factory itself high inventory, purchase intention is not strong, and the Department of Commerce's lower than sales, so the 1 day turnover lackluster.
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