The Wuxi Q345B square tube market is likely to be further higher

Author: | Date:2017/6/16 15:56:29 | Sources:

In February, the Q345B square tube in Wuxi came to the open, and the market price of Q345B square tube rose steadily. Whether the raw material billet or pipe plant has been substantially increased, the market demand for the end of the year has not yet been fully recovered. The market turnover is still slow, but it still can not keep up the pace of Wuxi Q345B rectangular tube market price rising. In the first ten days of February, because of the influence of the traditional Spring Festival holiday, the merchants took the holiday and the market was closed. In the first month after fifteen, billet, futures all the way, all varieties of steel market are soaring, seamless pipe prices will continue to increase. As of February 22nd, the Q345B square tube in Wuxi, with 100*100*4.5mm as an example, was up to 410 yuan (ton price, the same below). However, late futures shocks weaken, the steel city is slightly weak trend adjustment, Wuxi Q345B square tube market price on the inheritance of resistance. Stock, after the Spring Festival in the early business stockpile resources pipe factory prices continued to increase the stimulus, accelerate the whole society to reach the market, stocks climbed, merchant cash shipments will strengthen, take Kuaijinkuaichu operating mode.

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