Adjustment of square moment pipe quotation

Author: | Date:2017/6/16 15:57:06 | Sources:
In the current day, Wuxi 16Mn square tube market quoted price adjustment. Lange steel cloud business platform monitoring data show that a 1.5 inch steel Miao GB (3.25mm) tube price quote 4670 yuan (ton price, the same below), Jun Cheng, 4 inch (3.75mm) price quote 4840 yuan.
In terms of raw materials, the mainstream price of the billet is reduced by 30 yuan this afternoon. Now the mainstream of Tangshan billet is 3250 yuan, and the Tangshan Ruifeng 355mm series strip price is 3420 yuan, which is 30 yuan lower than that of yesterday.
The market in early trading, vulnerable significantly, and near the noon period of steel blanks by a drop of 20-30 yuan, northern mainstream pipe factory quotation with most low 30 yuan, the Hebei area 4 inch (3.5mm) galvanized square pipe mainstream price 4180-4480 yuan; turnover, early rise too much, so the intraday quotation down tube factory the adjustment in the market expected, do not take away the steel settlement is low, business sentiment is thicker, it significantly reduced; and in the afternoon by the influence of the adjustment period of steel billet is narrow, and does not rule out the low receiving node is equal to the middlemen, short-term high mentality or will differentiation. In a comprehensive view, the "two sessions" during the period of environmental protection limit production, welding pipe upstream steel supply or more nervous, will affect the normal operation of the pipe plant. In a word, the price of the 16Mn square tube in Wuxi needs a brief rectifying in the early period.
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