What are the performance of the seamless square tube

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Seamless rectangular tube manufacturers can be said to be more and more demand and market sales grow with each passing day is with, many of the advantages and characteristics of seamless rectangular tube was made of seamless rectangular tube in the machining process and the production process can be said to be better, wear resistance and ductility of the process is quite good the surface of the product, making the smooth, superior performance!

Seamless rectangular tube has good strength, toughness, plasticity and welding process performance, and has good ductility, the alloy layer and steel substrate firmly attached, so the seamless rectangular tube for punching, rolling, drawing and bending molding without damaging coating, suitable for general machining, such as drilling cutting, welding, bending process.

The surface of the seamless square tube after hot dip galvanization is bright and beautiful. Seamless square tube has seamless and weld seam, seamless square rectangular tube is the seamless tube extrusion molding. Generally, it can be used according to the specific needs. Seamless rectangular tube is widely used in many aspects, such as glass curtain wall, power tower, communication grid, water and gas transmission, wire and bushing, house, bridge, metal structure and so on.

The main performance of the seamless square rectangular tube:

Rust prevention and corrosion protection -- zinc immersion layer, zinc rich phosphating layer and electrostatic coating all have excellent antirust effect. Zinc steel barrier can generally guarantee rust for 30-50 years under harsh environment.

Strong weatherability -- electrostatic spraying technology is made of solid powder and high temperature curing, and the performance of the powder is far from that of liquid paint and paint. Therefore, the zinc steel guardrail has a good anti ultraviolet function, and it will not fade when the sun light is irradiated for a long time.

Prevention and dismantling - the installation of anti - dismantling accessories, anti - dismantling parts and pipes are all tested by the national technical department, and all the indexes are beyond the national standard.
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