The rising price of the seamless square tube is lower than the increase of the price of the billet

Author: | Date:2017/6/16 15:58:13 | Sources:

Similar logic is similar to the seamless square moment tube, and the sharp rise of billet is similar. The country shut down, removal of intermediate frequency furnace and furnace steelmaking plant, but the production license of the enterprise construction steel rolling production line is still normal use and can be produced, the original intermediate frequency furnace and the furnace can not produce, you need to buy the billet to produce steel construction, which makes the festival this year, steel sales is more popular, Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu and other major commodity sales plan of steel billet is full, the new customers want to squeeze the share purchase agreement signed long-term billet is very difficult. After the first day of work, Tangshan billet went to a minimum of 2740 yuan, which was 70 yuan lower than that before the festival, and the highest value to 3330 yuan. The total increase is close to 600 yuan, which is not crazy. The rise of billet promotes the price of small products such as profiles, strips, 20# seamless rectangular tubes and so on. However, because of the limited demand for downstream demand, the price of strip, profile and seamless rectangular tube is lower than that of the billet price.

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