There are two major features of the seamless square tube export next year

Author: | Date:2017/6/16 15:59:45 | Sources:
In 2016 our party general seamless rectangular tube outlet is relatively smooth, the export volume and export frequency are relatively large, generally divided into two wave, 1---7 month in our moment seamless tube is export mainstream, by July, China's seamless rectangular tube industry is relatively passive. 2016 will be over, in 2017, the seamless square tube export industry in China will be what?

Looking forward to the situation of China's seamless square tube export in the next year, there will be two major features:

One is that the export of seamless square tube in China continues to be large in scale. The above two factors that promote the export of seamless square tube in China in 2016 continue to exist in the new year. It is worth noting that after the G20 conference, governments in different countries are mainly developed countries, which may learn from China's experience and continue to ease monetary policy while increasing fiscal expenditure and implementing government led infrastructure investment to increase demand and revitalize the real economy.

The second is the decline in the export growth level. The large scale of the export of seamless square tube in China has caused great pressure from the manufacturers of seamless square rectangular tubes abroad, and they have "sought help" to their own governments. At the same time, employment pressure and campaign need will also push some countries to set up the banner of protectionism and enhance the "double reverse" measures for China's seamless rectangular export.

China must have a seamless square tube capacity export reserve. The demand for seamless square tube in China has two aspects of domestic demand and export demand. The seamless square tube production capacity of the seamless square tube manufacturers in China is also to meet the requirements of the above two aspects. Therefore, the number of seamless rectangular pipe production capacity in China must be taken into account in the future export trend.
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