Seamless rectangular tube surge, Rome was not built in a day

Author: | Date:2017/6/16 16:00:02 | Sources:
Now that time has entered December, we recall that the price of seamless rectangular pipe in November is soaring all the way, and the rising price is the highest level in history. Today, the latest statistics show us small, Tangshan Xinda P billet rose 100 yuan / ton to 2450 yuan / ton tax factory shocked the entire seamless rectangular tube market, the product prices fell four, the mainstream prices 50-80 yuan / ton range, some of the resources tired rose up to hundred dollars. We look at the seamless rectangular tube prices is definitely not your day Weakness lends wings to rumours., cold!

There are three reasons for the rise of seamless square tube.

First, the high cost of support, has become the main reason prices: since October, the domestic coke market rose strongly, based on the coking coal market shortage is more serious, coke production enterprises of raw materials inventory low, and steel coke inventory level is relatively low, in order to maintain the normal operation of the blast furnace, was forced to accept the price adjustment. Although the development and Reform Commission has repeatedly to expand the supply of coal, the shortage of resources is still in a short period of time. It formed support for the high price of coke in November and carried to the billet market. The spot resources of billet storage remain low, and the amount of marketable resources is still limited. According to our statistics in November 1st, the inventory of Tangshan port and mainstream storage billets is about 306 thousand tons, which is only 1/2 of the same period last year. At present, the overall construction rate of the downstream billet rolling mill remains normal, and the state of the supply and demand continues to be good.

Second, Jan Huojin price, manufacturers guide price soaring: domestic leading profiles, steel, hot-rolled, plate and other related mills introduced by the guidance of November prices rose sharply, the increase rate of 30-100 yuan / ton; especially steel, metal sheets or priors, market confidence has been boosted.

Third, seamless rectangular tube to resolve excess capacity, material supply reduction is expected to increase: according to my network statistics of Tangshan blast furnace steel prices started in early October rate maintained at 90%-91%, and since late 28 day decreased significantly, statistical data to 83.03%, considering the current environmental governance has become the norm, strengthen the coal supply tensions, rising costs and other factors effect of steel production has been gradually emerging. In addition, in the morning of October 29th, Tangshan City held the action of dismantling the surplus capacity of seamless rectangular tubes in October, which marks Tangshan's completion of the seamless rectangular pipe production capacity this year. This action, in our city this year cumulative Yajian BF 15, resolve the production capacity of 7 million 800 thousand tons of iron, 12 converter, Yajian steel production capacity of 8 million 290 thousand tons, the completion of the annual goal as scheduled, to honor the solemn commitment to bear capacity "Tangshan responsibility", to the provincial government and the people of the city has made a satisfactory answer. Some manufacturers shut down part of the blast furnace, the overall foreign sales volume has been reduced, so that the original supply is not enough, the billet is more intense, and support for the billet price rise.

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