Analysis of the characteristics of the outer wall shot blasting machine of large square square tube

Author: | Date:2017/6/16 16:05:40 | Sources:
The main features of the outer wall shot blasting machine of large caliber square tube are:

The layout of the shot blasting chamber and the projectile of the 1. steel structure shot blasting machine is determined by the computer 3D dynamic ejection simulation.

2. a direct - connected cantilever projectile with QX30DS high ejection speed is used.

3. room with 8mm thick steel plate welded box structure, high strength and no vibration. The interior is protected by cast steel Mn13 guard plate (single class production life for 2-3 years), and the guard plate is connected by the check port, which effectively prolongs the service life of the chamber body, and can make full use of the rebound of the projectile to form the two cleaning.

4., the front and back sealing chambers are sealed by 8 loose leaf springs. The V shape device can effectively prevent the projectile from splashing, and reduce the wear and scraping of the components to seals. The rest seal layer is sealed by high abrasion resistant rubber sheets.

5. in order to reduce the friction of the bottom hopper during the dropping process of the pellets, the buffer angle steel is contained on the hopper.

6. in order to prevent the workpiece from running in the process of running deviation, both ends of the roller are made to have a block.

7. according to the size of the workpiece to determine the opening number of the shot, this can reduce unnecessary energy waste, and reduce unnecessary breaking of the equipment.

8. the special air supply pill valve and the photoelectric detection of the workpiece are used to prevent the projectile from empty. The cylinder gate valve adopted by our company is a small and lightweight cylinder without base and ear seat, which is more stable, reliable and convenient for maintenance than traditional cylinder.

The 9. dust system adopts three stage pulse filter cartridge dust collector + cyclone body + settling chamber, and the dust removal effect is excellent.

10. hoist reversal double insurance design: one is the head wheel drive the ratchet mechanism to prevent reversal, two is the drive motor with brake motor anti reverse. At the same time, the passive wheel is equipped with a transfer detection and alarm device.

11. separator full curtain flow curtain design: variable pitch separator adopts double cylinder with rotary paddle level meter control, automatically adjust the flow scene according to the projectile, achieve full curtain curtain flow effect. This technology is unique to our company.

12. projectile automatic supplement device: the top and bottom material position meter in the top of the cleaning room is set up to automatically detect the quantity of projectile. The bottom part of the hoist is equipped with a padding bucket and a pneumatic gate, which is combined with the material level gauge in the upper bin to control the padding, and a material level gauge is installed in the pellet bowl to alarm the pill.
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