The market price of seamless square tube will still be plagued by the weak market

Author: | Date:2017/6/16 16:01:41 | Sources:

Seamless pipe market price weakness, the business models are currently operating mainly to shipping, because raw material prices fall, making the market trader "jittery", and worry is the fear of late trader shipping prices, and increase their losses, so anxious to ship. It is expected that the market price of seamless tube market will still be troubled by the weak market in the short term.
The opening today, the seamless square moment tube market prices run smoothly. With the price of billet falling after the festival, hot rolling and thread futures are down, and the market price of seamless square tube is running weak. It is understood that, at present, local businesses have fewer stocks and less inventory pressure, but the psychology of shipping is still pressing. Many businesses reduce their arbitrage to increase shipments. The deal, with the price gradually weakening, the downstream terminal began to see, demand began to decline, the local market turnover of the poor. The plant resources, resources have delayed delivery, the latter will arrive, the short-term demand is difficult to improve. To sum up, it is expected that the market price of seamless square moment tube will run in the later period.

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