There is no possibility of a large drop in a large square rectangular tube for the time being

Author: | Date:2017/6/16 15:57:25 | Sources:

In recent days the futures market adjustment is significant, but the large diameter square tube adjustment by other kinds of metal futures influence, Chinese again to strengthen regulation of real estate, the Trump team in the area of infrastructure investment operations may be postponed to next year policy led to copper based metal futures sharply lower. In the black futures department. Whether rebar contracts for coil is to lighten the downward trend, the price department early admission more than a single significant cash profit manipulation, the price is subject to certain pressure. The influence of other metal futures on the dark color system needs further attention.
The short-term adjustment of large diameter rectangular pipe prices is basically the resonance of the market, and the market is temporarily not able to fall substantially. After a short period of adjustment, prices still have the possibility of inheriting. Judging from the current market performance, whether the futures market is still the spot market, the confidence in the latter market is still strong. Once the price rises, a lot of buying will take place, which will support the later price. From the time point of view, nearly 20 days of the spot market is still rigid demand flat period, market sales in the steel trade between the steel trade, steel procurement department and down cargo terminal user stockpile purchases, the overall stock market is still growing, but as demand gradually started this week inventory growth rate decreased significantly. This week, Beijing and Tianjin, Guangzhou two leading regional construction steel thrown dropped significantly, is expected next week will be entered to the inventory cycle, in the Department of intermediate frequency furnace, the furnace has been discontinued under the condition of the Spring Festival this year is expected to form large diameter square large rectangular tube inventory, but inventory digestion speed will be very fast.

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