The highest price rise of the seamless square moment tube after the festival is nearly 600 yuan

Author: | Date:2017/6/16 15:57:47 | Sources:
The market trend about 20 days after the festival showed a very big disagreement, and the varieties showed their own characteristics.

First, because the country shut down, removal of intermediate frequency furnace and furnace steelmaking plant, the market for the first half of this year the construction of steel products supply may be substantially reduced greatly expected, making steel trade inventories more actively, blast furnace, converter steel production enthusiasm is very high. As of Friday, 29 national key city construction steel stocks reached 9 million 520 thousand tons, compared with the same period last year (after the Spring Festival the first week) increased 70% than last year, even after the highest point is higher than 42%; 9 million 520 thousand tons of inventory level is the highest point in 2015 after the Spring Festival is also higher than 10%, this level is the highest level in 2014 after the spring festival. But even if the steel trade so many places are still reluctant to sell, 20# seamless rectangular tube was in no hurry to sell. For the latter part of the building steel supply may have a shortage of expectations, so this year after the holiday, even if the actual demand for construction steel has not yet fully started, the price has risen sharply. In addition, a lot of blast furnace enterprises are buying and selling the building steel nowadays, and the daily pricing and locking price sale mode of the steel works is being carried out. The sales of the steel plants are hot, and the steel mills are actively pulling up prices, which has also contributed to the rise of prices.
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