Is the seamless square tube price still rising in November?

Author: | Date:2017/6/16 16:00:48 | Sources:
It is seamless rectangular tube demand in the off-season, but this year's winter is relatively unusual, seamless rectangular tube industry has become a warm winter, but the price will continue to rise, the rising space is relatively small, in November a whole month, the price of seamless rectangular tube to be installed will force!!

Looking forward to the seamless rectangular pipe market in November, supply and demand is still possible to maintain a good momentum. Seamless rectangular pipe has pressure on price, support and strong probability of operation.

Costs are still difficult to reduce

The seamless rectangular tube manufacturers of coal and coke available inventory days continued to decline, some even only two or three days, the supply is still tight, in November there is still a slight upside; and iron ore in its lead also compensatory growth market, October imports of ore index tired rose about 10 U.S. dollars / ton, which will undoubtedly continue to push up the cost of steel. According to statistics, as of November 1st, the average profit level of the thread is only about 70 yuan / ton, profile is still at a loss, the average loss of 30 yuan / ton, pipe manufacturers inventory is not high in the social inventory and seamless rectangular case, seamless rectangular tube factory price sales pressure is not the sale of high. The cost of supporting seamless rectangular tube prices will remain strong.

Inventory support price of seamless square tube

Throughout October, seamless rectangular tube manufacturers inventory and social stock fell sharply at the beginning of the month, stocks fell 113.3 and 902 thousand tons, to the end of the month continues to decline, close to the lowest level in history. From the supply point of view, according to the latest statistics, Tangshan 164 seamless rectangular tube factory blast furnace operating rate of 76.83%, 4.88 percentage points lower than the week, with the further implementation of the Tangshan production, environmental inspectors to carry out seamless rectangular tube manufacturers cut maintenance, in November the supply situation is likely to increase, supply and demand the balance is expected to further increase stage.

To speed up the productivity process

In recent years, the capacity of the provinces has been speeded up obviously. In October 29th, Tangshan City held the action of centralized dismantling and sealing up of the surplus capacity of seamless rectangular tubes in October. This is a sign that Tangshan has completed the capacity of the seamless rectangular pipe production this year. In the action, we dismantled (sealed) the 9 BF and 4 converter of 8 enterprises in Qian'an, which resolved 4 million 830 thousand tons of iron making capacity and 2 million 900 thousand tons of steelmaking capacity. Some factories shut down part of the blast furnace, and the overall volume of the billet was reduced, which made the blank which was already in short supply, which was more intense and had certain support for the billet.
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