Seamless square tube prices tumbled and tumbled, bringing industry constant turbulence

Author: | Date:2017/6/16 16:01:14 | Sources:
November can be said for seamless rectangular tube industry is a month of extraordinary experience, is too much, mainly for seamless rectangular tube prices spike, such volatile market price for seamless rectangular tube industry caused by a storm. The following is the performance of the price of the seamless square tube in the main areas.

By the end of the press release, Beijing seamless rectangular pipe factory factory reduced 50-80 yuan / ton, Beijing building material fell 20-60 yuan / ton, Tangshan billet fell 60 yuan / ton, Tangshan strip steel reduced 60-80 yuan / ton and so on. In fact, for this phenomenon, most seamless rectangular tube manufacturers had been prepared, but the most anxious group than in skyrocketing customers too much replenishment customers, now the price falls, the heart of a pull, eyelid jump, is really suffering! But regret not selling drugs, since it has been cause this situation, it is to think of it, take the money to buy a lesson, routeng after it has a long memory, but always can not suppress their own desires, fell into the pit can do?

From the most seamless rectangular tube factory where the summary of the news that this wave decline tide is imperative, but these days the rest of the week, will be spent in a nightmare, if the decline is large enough, it will come to a happy day, 3-5 finished; if JJYY, next week will also suffer. This time the market is like a healthy child suddenly eat a lot of excess nutrients, if eating last week, this week is on the digestion period, cannot digest on the spit, spit into the comfortable state so far, so simple. The most seamless rectangular tube manufacturers said the adjustment to next week should be about, after all the price is not "a hundred responses to a single call", is the last ditch thing, such a thing without others enough lessons or personally feel, it is difficult to quickly surrendered, the need for a psychological transition period.

Now the seamless square tube change is not fixed, the fluctuation is not allowed, the manufacturer should open your intelligent eyes more, the reasonable investment is the king way!
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