Will the seamless square tube still fall after the price rise

Author: | Date:2017/6/16 16:01:29 | Sources:
In November we seamless rectangular tube in the field can see the off-season market, the overall price is continue to rise, prices are high, a new wave of rose is so seamless rectangular tube as one falls, another rises, prices have been rising no down? Seamless rectangular tube market should be oh decide on what path to follow is not will drop?? we first look at a set of data.

This week (11.21-11.25) domestic seamless square tube prices rebound rebound. At the beginning of the week, the overall market opened with a weak decline, and on Tuesday, driven by the dark counter offensive of the black department, it started up again and continued until the end of the week. Among them, the first tier market prices of hot rolled coil, cold-rolled coil and medium plate increased by more than 300 yuan, and the seamless rectangular pipe was affected by seasonal factors. The overall performance of the products was weaker than that of plate, and the northern representative city of Beijing even declined slightly. On the afternoon of 25 noon, the three major futures exchanges in the country launched a collective attack to increase the transaction fee of steam coal, coking coal and coke and raise the margin of coking coal and coke at the same time. Steel tapping some slightly weakened, spot prices began to moderate pace.

The seamless rectangular pipe market in November can be regarded as the ultimate embodiment of the roller coaster market. After just experiencing the last week's crash, the market did not become quiet and convergent. Instead, it started the rising market again after a short wheezing. The specific point of view, the current round of rising prices soared mainly due to start black futures, effective with the fundamentals of the spot steel city. OPEC (International Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) production is expected to further enhance and Goldman rare sing next year commodity market, the futures market rose enthusiasm was ignited again, the first to open the upstream channel and international oil prices once again approaching $50 mark, screw steel, hot rolled, iron ore, coke and other 7 varieties of commodity trading and was dissatisfied disc. The spot market actively follow up, pull up significantly, in the cost of support is obvious, low inventory operation and the downstream demand is still full of circumstances, some businesses took the opportunity to inventory bidding "cover disc Xishou" emotional letter library operations sometimes appear to arise spontaneously, to a certain extent, pushing up the market price. While the downstream "buy or not to buy up" psychological also stimulated the part of the terminal business admission procurement, but in some areas there is indeed a high turnover difficult situation. In particular, the market of building seamless rectangular pipe market is significantly worse than that of the seasonal ones. The overall turnover is generally normal, and businesses are more cautious about raising prices. The seamless square moment tube market is better affected by the performance of the downstream automobile and household appliances, and the uplink power is obviously stronger than the seamless square tube of the building. In general, the current imbalance in supply and demand and the mismatch of resources still exist.
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